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Professional Beauty Studio

J'aDor is an umbrella for the Professional Beauty Associates located at 275 Stephen Street in downtown Morden. Entering  J'aDor  you will see an enthusiastic team of beauty professionals waiting to provide you with your "dream come true" wishes of relaxation and glamorous pampering. One thing you may not realize is that each of our Professional Beauty Associates own their business, separate and apart from each other

 and from J'aDor.

This unique concept allows for each Associate to personalize their services to meet yours and their needs and wants giving you the best experience you might receive in a salon/spa setting.  We feel this sets us apart from other personal beauty businesses in the area.  Here, your Beauty Professional has the freedom to provide and sell you her personally selected choices of products.  

So what this means to you, as their special client, is 'personal service' - providing you with the best product and service your beauty professional feels will bring out your personal style!  It's a win win for everyone!  Freedom of beauty choices and delivery of services with a passion!

Look around our website, check out each Associates' Page to find out who they are and give them a call to book your appointment!

Check back often for new updates to the services our Associates will be offering. There‚Äôs much more to come!  


- Professional Beauty Studios -

beauty   style   passion

These three elements combined can provide the most glamorous experience in a woman's life! 
It can start with one day and lead to a lifetime!